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Hurray my blog has launched

Tim Geisendörfer • January 9, 2022


My idea to launch a blog for informing you about Web Development themes was one of my dozens side projects since several months. But first let me introduce myself!

About me

I am Tim Geisendörfer from a small city named Fulda in Germany / Hesse. I am a Full Stack Web Developer for over 10 years. My current toolset mainly focuses on PHP / Laravel (Backend) and VueJS (Frontend) applications.

There are thousands of web developer blogs why launch a new one?

Since there are several thousands of web developer blogs out there the world really does not need another one. But there are some real world themes or problems out there which aren't well documented or solved yet. Most of the developing workflow behaves on googling your problems and adapt existing solutions into your particular code base.

I have - and I am consuming these sources like other dev blogs or stackoverflow all my life, and I want to give the community something back. So im going to write blog posts now.

I hope you are going to have a good time on this blog. When you want to be informed when a new post was created you can subscribe to my newsletter.

If you have some feedback or questions please regarding my posts or other themes send them to me. You can find my contact information here.

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